SSDs brought a huge performance upgrade to computers: an SSD makes your laptop boot faster, open programs almost instantly, copy files quickly, and overall improve a notebook’s responsivity. You can read our article about the benefits an SSD can bring to your device here.

However – and even though the prices have been dropping every year- SSDs are still expensive, and the cost gets progressively higher as capacity gets larger.  This is the reason why you will not see many budget laptops with SSDs out there.

If you need a laptop with SSD, but don’t what to spend lots of money on your purchase, there is still hope for you! Here are 5 affordable laptops under 500$, which come with an SSD:

  • HP 15z

This is a perfect laptop for school or everyday tasks. At this price, it comes with a 2 GHz AMD processor (with 4 cores), 8GB of RAM, an AMD Radeon R4 integrated Graphics card, and a 128 Gb SSD.

If you need a laptop for Microsoft office use, browsing the web, watching videos, and even light gaming, you should definitely consider the HP 15z.

  • ASUS Laptop X555DA-AS11

Powered by a quad core AMD A10-8700P processor clocked at 1,8GHz and 8 Gb of RAM, the ASUS X555DA-AS11 is an all-purpose notebook that comes with a 256 Gb SSD storage and a 1080p matte screen which is not very usual on a budget laptop.

The X555DA-AS11 also comes with extensive connectivity options: 3 USB ports, HDMI, VGA and a DVD drive; which makes it a perfect match for those who want a decent laptop for home use, without breaking the bank.

  • HP Spectre X2

If you have a limited budget and you’re looking for a stylish convertible laptop, consider this 12 inch HP Spectre X2. Powered by an Intel Core m3 which has a base frequency of 0,9GHz and can go up to 2.2 Ghz in turbo mode, the X2 also has 4 Gb of RAM, and 128 Gb SSD drive.  This 2 in 1 laptop is very responsive and can handle everyday tasks easily, battery life is decent and the machine weighs less than 3lbs, which makes it a good choice if you need a portable notebook.

  • Acer Aspire

If you’re looking for a lightweight laptop that offers great value for the money, then the Acer Aspire E15  should be on your short list.  Under the sleek all aluminum body you will find a 6th generation Intel i3-7100U dual core processor, 4 Gb of RAM, and a 128Gb SSD storage which makes this laptop even more responsive and effortlessly perform everyday tasks. The E15  also comes with a great 14 inch Full HD screen and Stereo speakers, which is why this is a great multimedia laptop too. And despite being ultra thin, the Aspire comes with 3 USB ports, HDMI, a fingerprint reader, and also a backlit keyboard. Battery life is great, and you can easily get 8 hours of use or more with this notebook.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E450

It might not be sleek or stylish, but Lenovo’s Thinkpad line has always been appreciated by large businesses and schools for its reliability and performance, and that is exactly what you can expect from the ThinkPad Edge E450.  It comes with a core i3-5005U CPU, 8 GB of RAM, a 240 GB solid state drive, and can handle your multitasking needs just fine.  The 14 inch screen has a standard resolution of 1366×768 pixels and offers decent viewing angles. And like all Thinkpads, the E450 comes with an excellent keyboard, making this laptop an ideal choice if you’re a high-speed typist.



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