Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS. They are mainly designed to be connected to the internet, with most apps and documents staying in the cloud.

Best Chromebooks under 500

Best Chromebooks under $500: Reviews of 5 mid range Chromebooks

For most people, Chromebooks are only a cheaper alternative to traditional laptops. But with the market growing year after year, more and more people are starting to use Chromebooks as their...

Best Chromebooks under 250 dollars: 5 inexpensive Chromebooks to pick from!

Chromebooks are a great alternative to traditional low-priced laptops, and for under 250 dollars, you can actually find a lot of decent Chromebooks to choose from.  Chromebooks use the Chrome OS...
Chromebook with backlit keyboard

Best Chromebooks with Backlit Keyboard: A list of Chromebooks with Backlit Keyboards!

If you've used a laptop with a backlit keyboard before, it's hard to back to a regular one. Howver, when it comes to traditional laptops,  backlit keyboards are available on most...
Best Chromebooks under 400

Best Chromebooks under 400 Dollars: Top 5 Chromebooks under $400

Chromebooks have been around in the market for a few years now, and they are becoming  better and better each year, and slowly being appreciated by the masses. Chromebooks are a...
Best chromebooks for writers

Best Chromebooks for Writers and Bloggers: Best Chromebooks for typing in 2019

We have recently reviewed some of the best laptops for writers and bloggers, and while Chromebooks might not seem suitable for writers at first, the truth is that a Chromebook can...