Best Laptops for Podcasting

Best Laptops for Podcasting: 2019 Buyers’ Guide!

According to a research, 24% Americans have listened to a podcast in the past month. And to say podcasts are just trending would be a huge understatement. Even though Google still...
Best Laptops for Online Teaching

Best Laptops For Online Teaching and Online Classes: 2019 Buyers’ Guide!

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Best laptops for developers

Best Laptops For Developers – A 2017 short Guide

If you are a software engineering student or a developer looking to invest in a new laptop for your programming work, you probably already have an idea about the specs that...
Best Laptops for FSX

Best Laptops for FSX: 2020 Buyer’s Guide!

FSX (or Microsoft Flight Simulator X) is a flight simulation game that was originally released back in 2006 in DVD and was then re-released through the Steam platform back in 2014....
Best laptops for Xactimate

Best Laptops for Xactimate : Top 10 laptops for Xactimate in 2023

Are you an insurance adjuster or contractor who uses Xactimate? In this article, we will help you find the best  laptop for Xactimate to consider right now. Xactimate is the leading solution...
Best laptops for note taking

Best Laptops for Note Taking : Top 5 Laptops for Taking Notes!

Taking notes is a great way of keeping track of everything. In most cases, the traditional paper notes end up becoming a disorganized mess. Pages might get lost or mixed up,...
Best laptops for Rocket League

Best laptops for Rocket League : 8 Best Laptops in 2023

Developed and published by Psyonix LLC in 2015, Rocket League is still one of the most popular PC games in 2023. Rocket League is an arcade-style game that combines soccer and...
Best Touchscreen Laptops under 1000

Best Touchscreen Laptops under 1000 dollars: Top 5 Touchscreen Laptops

Since Windows 8 came out in 2012, touchscreen laptops have seen their popularity grow each year. Early on, 2 in 1 laptops struggled to find their niche because of the extra...