Best Laptops for Second Life

Best Laptops for Second Life: 5 Laptops to Play Second Life in 2019!

Second Life is a famous virtual world, first launched by Linden Labs in 2003. Despite being more than fifteen years old, it still retains almost a million active users monthly. While...
Laptops with Track point

Laptops with TrackPoint: 9 Best laptops with Trackpoints and Pointing Sticks in 2022

TrackPoint, pointing stick, style pointer, nub, or nipple mouse, all these words refer to the small joystick used as a pointing device. On laptops with trackpoint, they are usually located in...
Best gaming laptops under 2500

Best Gaming Laptops Under 2500 Dollars: December 2019 Buyers’ Guide!

While desktop PCs are still considered the norm for most gamers, the trend has undergone a few changes in the last few years, with new high end gaming laptops released every...
Best laptops for Maya

Best Laptops for Maya : 2019 Buyers’ Guide!

Autodesk Maya is  a key software for animators and modelers worldwide. Autodesk Maya enables you to perform 3D animation, character modeling, visual effects that are widely used in the film making,...
Best Laptops for Pro Tools

Best Laptops for Pro Tools : 2019 Buyers’ Guide!

With its latest release, Pro Tools 12 is a popular audio recording and producing software. And whether you're already a professional, or simply planning to create a  studio of your own...
Best laptops for Solidworks

Best Laptops for SolidWorks : a 2020 Buyers’ Guide!

If you’re a little familiar with the realm of 3D CAD designing, you must have heard of SolidWorks, the popular CAD software published by Dassault Systèmes. With a user base almost...
Best laptops for note taking

Best Laptops for Note Taking : Top 5 Laptops for Taking Notes!

Taking notes is a great way of keeping track of everything. In most cases, the traditional paper notes end up becoming a disorganized mess. Pages might get lost or mixed up,...
Best laptops with number pad

Best laptops with number pad : Top 5 laptops with number pads!

Laptop keyboards are smaller and their are usually closer to each other, in comparison to desktops. And because there isn't much space to fit all the keys, most laptops don't have...
Best Laptops with Docking stations

Best Laptops with Docking Stations : 2019 Guide!

One of the main reasons why people consider purchasing a laptop is mobility and the possibility to carry your work along with you. Over the years, laptops have become thinner, lighter,...
Best Laptops for Network Engineers

Best Laptops for Network Engineers : Top 5 laptops for Network Engineers

If you're a network engineer, or a student who wants to pursue a career in this field, you're probably looking to upgrade your current laptop but wondering which laptop is best...